Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a dynamic and collaborative partnership designed to create breakthrough results in your professional life.

Coaching is future focused, inspiring you to take action toward your goals, thus expanding your leadership capacity.  

The coaching partnership will support you in achieving your goals through enhanced self-awareness and action.

Coaching is neither Consulting nor Therapy.  The key difference is that you will work with the coach to set your own goals and chart your own path.

My Approach

Together we’ll craft an engagement that works for you, one that is meaningful. A coaching engagement usually follows this arc:  setting goals, gathering feedback to build self-awareness, exploring and practicing new ways and moving forward.

A useful tool in building self-awareness is a 360 degree assessment, and I often use one at the start of a coaching program.  An important key to growth and development is to then take this increased self-awareness and turn it into action and personal growth.

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