"Peter is the single best executive coach I've ever met.  He has consistently helped me create successful leadership and business strategies, as well as providing insight and perspective to avoid the "slips" that can trip up anyone.  Best of all, he does it with humility and humor!"

- John Reuter,
Media Executive NYC and Mexico City

“We brought Peter in to conduct a series of group workshops and individual coaching in a new leadership development program for our graduate business students. Peter has a tremendous natural ability to intuit how to connect with people, find effective ways to motivate and challenge individuals in skill-building, and to help people understand how they can apply what they have learned. His one-on-one coaching sessions with students were highly effective; I recommend his work with total enthusiasm”

- Judy Paul,
Director of Academic Partnerships at Gabelli School of Business,
Fordham University, NY

How do you prioritize when everything is urgent? How do you quieten time-distracting noise and focus on execution and delivery? Peter was my expert guide to answering these questions. He helped me understand my growth opportunities and solidify my strengths. He gave me solid tactical and important strategic insights that helped me strengthen my team and deliver organization-wide results.

- Nathaniel Webb, Global Communications Consultant, Sydney, Australia
(Former Head of Communications, IFAC, NYC)

“Peter has an uncanny knack for seeing things clearly and getting right to the root of a situation.  He does this so seamlessly that he makes it look effortless.  As a coach and mentor he assesses things quickly and then leads you to come up with the answer, in such a way that it feels organic, and so simple, and so doable.  Peter has never met an awkward situation he couldn’t diffuse or a moment that wasn’t ripe for learning. “

- Ellen Shultz,
Chief People Officer - Rent the Runway
(Former EVP Talent - NY Times)

“I have worked with Peter Vincent for over 15 years and I initially recruited Peter to my non-profit Board.  He quickly ascended to be Chairman.  As a seasoned HR professional, he was also my go-to HR advisor and professional coach.  I have referred Peter to many colleagues and he has coached half a dozen colleagues who share their appreciation for Peter.  Peter Vincent is an amazing combination of HR skills, kindness, practicality, and --he has been a Board Member.  I often joke that Peter is my professional therapist and I know that he has been an important part of many of my professional successes.”

- Carole Wacey,  
WCC President and CEO, former Executive Director - Mouse

"Peter Vincent is a highly skilled, first rate HR Consultant.  Over the years, Peter has been a trusted HR partner for our business.  He has provided leadership coaching, prepared and analyzed Employee Climate Surveys and led multiple employee and manager training sessions.  Peter is reliable and always available when needed.  I highly recommend and enjoy working with Peter!"

- Judith Turner Hamerschlag,
CFO - BrainPOP

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